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Specialised Jewellery Repairs we offer:

Jewellery Remounting & Claw inspection, replacement, Retipping

Is your diamond loose in its mount? gemstones should be inspected from time to time to determine wheter they are secure in the setting.Claw replacement and retipping can prevent you from losing your precious diamonds. We can inspect your Jewellery mountings and claws for wear and tear while you wait Contact us today to find out more...

Precious Stone Replacement

Missing gemstones from your Jewellery? We can replace the stones in any setting — solitaires, three-stone rings, channel settings, bezel settings or pavé. Or we can set loose gemstones in your chosen mounting. Contact us today to find out more...

Necklace Repair & Bracelet Repair

Is your favorite charm bracelet broken and unused? we can inspect and repair broken chains, pendants and charms – or replace worn out catches or recievers. We quickly refurbish your necklaces, bracelets and Jewellery chains to look new again. Contact us today to find out more...

Sizing & Re-Sizing

do you have a ring that doesn't fit any more? we will determine your proper ring size and professionally size your silver, gold or platinum ring to fit you perfectly. Contact us today to find out more...

Pearl Restringing

Need a set of pearls restrung? With time and normal wear the chords of pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets become brittle and susceptible to breakage. Let us prolong the life of your pearls by restringing and inspecting the catches. Contact us today to find out more...

Jewellery Cleaning, Polishing & Rhodium plating

Unsure about the right way to clean your Jewellery? We can clean, polish and restore your jewelry to look like new! We will make your jewelry sparkle right before your eyes. And recommend any appropriate repairs if needed. Contact us today to find out more...

Specialised Laser Repairs

Unlike traditional Jewellery repair techniques requiring the intense heating of large areas, the computer controlled laser beam pinpoints heat a the precise locations where two metals are to be joined. This accuracy in heat placement, effectively eliminates the typical risks to heat-sensitive gemstones.

In the past, these stones would need to be unmounted, putting them at risk of damage during the removal or resetting processes. Previously, heat shielding on gemstones, or submersion of the Jewellery in water could alleviate these risks, but still could not completely ensure gemstone safety. All gemstones are at risk form heat damage. The heat required to perform a traditional platinum sizing job can literally melt or explode diamonds! But now, laser welding technology allows pinpoint heat control at microsecond intervals, keeping your gemstones safe from heat buildup.

In addition, the completed repair is invisible, and the structural integrity of the fused metal is 95% of that of the original, as opposed to the 15-20% when comparing to traditional solders. Further, the accuracy and close range allowed by this technology are similar to, if not more precise, than many surgical procedures.

Laser welding allows repairs as close as 0.5mm to intricate or complicated parts. For antique pieces with intricate detail, which were previously impossible to repair, it is now possible to return the Jewellery to its original condition using this technology.

Laser welding is the ultimate process for platinum work. Platinum is a metal that must be welded, either by torch or by laser. Torch welding heats the entire piece, gemstones and all. This heat can open up many problems including visible sizing joints, melted links, burned stones, and brittle prongs. Laser welding technology puts the heat only where it's needed, without changing the structural integrity of your treasured piece of jewelry.

Don't let your family heirloom suffer irreparable damage. Drop by the shop and let us determine whether laser restoration is right for your jewelry. Contact us today to find out more...

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